Sun, Sand, LOVE, and ‘Fish’ Flops!!!!! ;)

Do you ever meet someone and feel as though you’ve known them your entire LIFE?! Well, that is what happened when I met Katie Hook. Katie is a funny, smart, and beautiful gal full of laughter, love and life! We instantly connected over a year ago and she has since been one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, fun, and real people I know. I also met her handsome and kind (boyfriend at the time) John Hayes. It is beyond evident the love and adoration these two have for each other! I also met Katie’s beautiful, fun-loving and quite witty mom, Linda. We all lovingly refer to each other as, ‘Out-laws’. Sometimes, people are brought into your life, they may not be family, but they sure do treat you like family. I feel very honored to have such incredible people in my life story!

Months ago, Katie told me of plans to marry her sweetheart, John in Florida. No one had any clue what was going to happen! Some family and friends were planning a vacation to FL, Katie and John thought, what a better way to get married and surprise everyone, then to do it right there on the beach! The only reason I knew was because Katie wanted me to sing her down the ‘aisle’  to her and John’s song, “Rest of  my Life” by: Bruno Mars. I was completely honored to do so and also offered to do her make-up and snap some shots! About a month before the surprise wedding, the cat was out of the bag! Friends and family learned of their surprise and couldn’t be happier for this gorgeous couple. Some crazy events took place in my own life and I thought I would be unable to attend the wedding, I was crushed. But, fate has a way of working things out and I was able to be a part of this beautiful day! We laughed, we cried, and celebrated the love of two amazing people!

Photography is something I have been in love with most of my life. I was that annoying friend with the disposal camera, making ‘kissy’ faces (long before facebook existed!). I took pictures for the yearbook, school newspaper and all of my friends. But I  didn’t truly start to take it seriously until recently. I have definitely been bitten by the bug. This is the first wedding that I’ve shot! Hopefully, it won’t be the last.

Congrats John & Katie! I pray you have a lifelong marriage that will overcome any obstacle thrown your way and that you will be able  to love each other more and more with each passing day. I love you guys!


Donna 🙂

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day! Enjoy!