My New Addiction: PHOTOGRAPHY! ;)

During college I had the awesome opportunity to do musical theater. There was always something special about being on stage — the lights, the costumes, remembering your lines and dance moves, working side by side with such talent and all of the memories I made along the way. But my all time favorite thing was, the ability to recreate a character, encompassing their hopes, dreams, emotions, flaws are all. This was my greatest challenge and most rewarding accomplishment. Depending on the delivery of a line or action, the audience would laugh, cry, think, or be infuriated with my character. Fast forward to today… I have always loved photography and well, let’s face it, anything artistic or creative. It amazes me, that a photograph can capture those very same emotions, feelings, and moments that I so enjoyed while doing musical theater.

I met a beautiful, fun-loving, and talented friend along my life’s journey named, Mabyn Ludke. She is a wedding and portrait Photographer located in Central New York. Mabyn was also a musical theater major in College and has a God given ability to capture the essence and beauty of a person. I am blessed to call her one of my best friends. Having her in my life has awakened this love of Photography that was always there. We would often go to impromptu photo shoots where Mabes would let me steer (hop behind the lens) and snap some shots. If I wasn’t assisting or second shooting, I would be the MUA for model, boudoir, or bridal shoots for Mabyn .  I was also able to get a sneak peek on the editing and creative process and even add my two cents! (Especially on the Boudoir shoots! haha). With all of this being said, I was able to watch her work her magic and soak it all in. Her style and love for what she does is contagious and has certainly rubbed off on me!

The cool thing is, Mabyn doesn’t hoard all this knowledge and gift to herself! She is well aware that she has been blessed with a gift to share. You can often hear Mabes giving glory to God for this talent along with the awesome photographers and friends who have inspired her and helped her along the way. Maybe that’s why she is so quick to teach and help others. She has held local workshops with other photographers and taught classes for kids at camp.

I know this blog is starting to sound like an ode to Mabyn and I guess it kind of is! Because without her, I wouldn’t have been able to tap further into another creative outlet and gift that I believe I have as well. Photography is an old love that feels like a new love. And with this gift, I am able to give to and bless others. The cycle goes on and on and in the meantime, memories are captured, moments are shared, and life is documented. These photographs will speak long after we are gone. What an awesome gift to give and be a part of.  Stay tuned for my NEXT BLOG, my very first Wedding! I had the privilege to capture a beautiful beach wedding for some friends that I adore!

I leave you with some pictures that I have taken of Mabyn, both in action being her photog self and being my model. Enjoy! 😉




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